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Bejeweled BlitzBejeweled Blitz
Cinderella and the Royal BallCinderella and the Royal Ball
I' m Luna Roller PopI' m Luna Roller Pop
Candy Crush by Soy LunaCandy Crush by Soy Luna
Match 3 FIFA 17Match 3 FIFA 17
Candy CrushCandy Crush
Among Us: Match 3Among Us: Match 3

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Group the gems into the Bejeweled 🔥

Bejeweled games online

Bejeweled, it is cataloged in with about 8 games to enjoy that we have found on the net

In the Bejeweled games your mission will be to match gems, fruits or objects of the same color to make them disappear and achieve your goal in each of the levels of these games.

- Bejeweled games are very addictive and we have created this category so that you don't miss any to try. The way to play Bejeweled is quite simple and you will soon get the mechanics of the game. You are presented with a level filled with jewels or diamonds of different colors. Your mission is to join three or more of the same color but they have to be close since you can only move the tiles from top to bottom or from left to right, and their inverses. You have to reach the target score of each level before the time is up if you want to proceed to the next ones until you can complete the game completely. The Bejeweled games bring us different game modes such as survival or infinity, in which there is no target score but you will have to make all the possible combinations until you run out of any. There is also the puzzle mode that or the challenge among many others.